Evaporator RVD

Can be used for process water that has a strong tendency to become caked during evaporation. A continuously rotating stainless steel brush prevents the formation of deposits that would reduce the heat transfer capacity.

Heat recovery reuses the thermal energy that is used for heating and preserves it for the distillation process.

During evaporation, you are using the best possible separation of solid and liquid substances. A vacuum (up to 60 mbar absolute) enables a very low evaporating temperature of less than 36°C and ensure gentle evaporation with ideal distillate values.

Application Range:
Rotary film evaporators made by MKR separate waste water into a distillate and a residual waste concentrate. The volume of the concentrate is just around 3% to 6% of the input quantity. That means the resulting residue is very often no waste but valuable material which can be sold.


MKR evaporators stand for:

  • Lowest energy consumption
  • Lower utilisation and disposal costs
  • Clean circulation water (distillate)
  • High quality, reliable technology
  • Continuous automatic operation
  • Distillate free of salts and heavy metals
  • Low space requirements
  • Simplest operation
  • Compact design and easy installation

Specific Characteristics:

  • Reclamation of process water
  • Highest distillate quality
  • No coating of the heat exchanger with deposit
  • Rotating brush unit
  • No vent condenser
  • Energy supply via a separate coolant circuit
  • High concentration possible
  • Small residue at concentrate, to marked out as valuable material
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