Evaporator ET

Mechanical exhaust compression results in constant reuse of the energy contained in the vapour. The ducted-overflow condensing heat exchanger and the consistent use of the heat from the distillate enable the low energy consumption of 35 watts per litre. The regulation of the compression and an integrated distillate after-treatment by a coalescencing device achieve best distillate qualities.

Metered addition of anti-foaming agents is necessary only in very few exceptional cases due to the built-in mechanical foam breaker. The plant operates fully automatic. Sensors monitor the process and prevent system overload. The system is cleaned almost automatically at fixed intervals. Spacious doors guarantee unobstructed access to the plant components.
The distillate is sterilised by the high evaporating temperature of around 100°C and can be reused in production.



MKR evaporators stand for:

  • Lowest energy consumption
  • Lower utilisation and disposal costs
  • Clean circulation water (distillate)
  • High quality, reliable technology
  • Continuous automatic operation
  • Distillate free of salts and heavy metals
  • Low space requirements
  • Simplest operation
  • Compact design and easy installation

Specific Characteristics:

  • Low current consumption
  • Mechanical foam breaker
  • Compact design
  • Sterile distillate
  • Reclamation of process water
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