Disk Centrifuges:

Procedure Disk Centrifuges:

Whether you opt for the mobile or the stationary system, MKR disk centrifuges clean coolants, cutting oils and wash media in bypass mode. Your production continues uninterrupted.

The respective processing medium is diverted from your equipment to the centrifuge where particles and extraneous oils are removed. The cleaned processing medium is then returned to your production equipment. This process increases the useful life of the processing media and prevents their deterioration over time. Leading manufacturers of processing media have confirmed this observation. This means lower operating and disposal costs for your company.

As another benefit, you have the choice of a suitable separator type for your specific application. Dependent on the MKR equipment type, you can select separators for the removal of sludge, oils or both. The separators process between 300 to 3,000 Liters [79 – 793 US liquid Gallons] per hour. Aside from extraneous oils, the process removes very small particles down to 2 µm. Another practical aspect is the sole application of the physical laws of centrifugal force and gravity. There are no filters or filtration devices to buy.

Triple Phase Disk Separator:
This separator reliably achieves the complete removal of extraneous oils and particles. The equipment can also remove water from hydraulic loops. For this process MKR offers the choice of either particle-collecting or desludging separators. Extraneous oils are looped up no matter whether they swim on the surface or whether turbulences have dispersed them in the coolant.

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