The MKR Company in Monheim (Germany) has 55 employees who work in the following areas of consulting, development, construction, distribution, services and administration. Foreign customers are supported onsite by long-time MKR partners. So far, the MKR expertise and solutions have been mostly applied in the metalworking industry. This includes the suppliers for the automotive industry in Europe, North America and Asia. The plating and coating industry as well as companies specialised in the hazardous waste disposal are other customer groups. The MKR Metzger GmbH (LLC according to German law) is still family-owned.


The commitment to sustainability is growing and is spreading into more and more countries and markets. Besides major global businesses, who systematically maintain their reputations, an increasing number of smaller businesses have discovered the economic advantages of ecologically optimised production cycles. The growing trend is towards production without waste water. This is due to the rising cost of water as well as to stricter environmental laws. In this context, MKR is a future-oriented firm, not only in terms of know-how but also with respect to its production range. The plan to expand production capacities demonstrates how MKR is using this opportunity to grow and expand naturally.