Rinsing bath maintenance - PURO System

General task requirements for rinsing bath maintenance systems:

  • Low investment costs
  • High quality rinsing baths which also minimize operation and disposal costs
  • High process reliability due to constant cleanliness of all parts

The PURO was developed specifically to prepare rinsing baths for parts cleaning, for cleaning and pretreamtent before painting, as well as for cathodic dip painting (KTL) - cleaning.

Specific customer requirements:

  • Considerable cost reduction through recycling instead of disposing wastes
  • Low-wear technology
  • High quality distillates, without salt or oil residues
  • Waste reduction
  • Low investment, short amortisation periods

Specifics of rinsing baths recycling features when using the rinsing bath evaporator PURO:

Rinsing techniques directly influence the investment and operating costs of waste water systems. This fact is often neglected when plants are designed. Experience shows that even minor modifications and adjustments in the system can considerably reduce the amount of waste water produced. It is definitely worth considering consulting a specialist during the planning phase.

PURO was specifically developed for the maintenance of rinsing baths and for parts cleaning systems.

System description:

Rinsing baths are generally prepared in the bypass.

PURO safely separates the salt, surfactants, oil and dirt from the water. The distillate is added in the last sink and is then cascaded all the way into the first sink. There, the used rinsing water is removed and fed into the PURO. That which is lost through evaporation and carry-over during the cleaning cycle is replaced by reverse osmosis.

The accumulation of concentrates during the preparation of rinsing baths is minimal, usually well below 5%.

System PURO: Goals which have been reached in practice

  • Minimal operation costs through low energy consumption
  • The quality of the rinsing baths is consistently guaranteed by constant maintenance
  • Low investment
  • Innovative, low wear technology which works without compressors
  • Short amortisation periods thanks to the high efficiency of the system