SF 1000

Specific Characteristics

  • Capacity 1000 liters
  • Filtration by Filter Fleece
  • Throughput 320 l/min
  • High Pressure Cleaning System
    (either fresh water or emulsion)
  • Mechanical “Tramp Oil Stopper”

Your advantages at a glance

  • Perfect emulsion treatment for individually filled machines
  • Change of emulsion as fast as possible
  • Useable for emulsions and cutting oils
  • 4 Functions in one device:
    • Withdrawal of the entire content by suction
    • Filtration of the liquid
    • Cleaning of the containers for the emulsion and the interior of the machine with the high pressure cleaning system
    • Suctioning off the swarf and grinding slurry


  • Cleaning Opening at the rear 420x150 mm
  • Cleaning Door at the rear
  • Wheel-Set for extremely uneven ways
  • Trailer draw bar
  • Electrical Actuation with battery and charger
  • Special Cleaning Hose
  • Custom Colour