Suction and Filter Cart

In the CNC production, the emphasis is on consistently high quality at competitive costs:

Mobile devices for complete cleaning solutions are your best strategy for a longer useful equipment life.

The cleaning vehicle is easily moved to the processing equipment, and cleaning is a cinch with the mobile MKR equipment for complete cleaning solutions. With the help of the MKR equipment, it takes only 15 minutes to suction off 400 Liters (106 US liquid gallons) of contaminated coolant or cutting oil, recycle it and return the recycled coolant to the processing equipment. This includes the cleaning of the of the coolant/cutting oil container.

The MKR high-performance equipment of types SF 500, SF 700 and SF 1000 feature several cleaning procedures in one system. The suction feature removes liquids, chips and swarf; the unit features a vacuum filter, and the unit works as high-pressure cleaning system.
The built in disposal unit collects solid waste, chips and swarf. Liquids are cleaned via vacuum filtration.

The emptied machine container is cleaned using the pneumatic lance. The recycling pump returns the decontaminated liquid to the cleaned machine. Extraneous oils are retained in the cleaning device.


Application Range:

  • Cooling lubricant treatment
  • Cutting oil cleaning
  • Cleaning the Inside of Machines and Containers
  • Complete Cleaning of Emulsion Containers
  • Suctioning off the Top Layers Containing the Light Fraction of Extraneous Oil
  • Collection of Chips and Grinding Swarf


  • Perfect emulsion treatment for individually filled machines
  • Change of emulsion as fast as possible
  • Short Machine Downtimes
  • Easy to Use