Tramp Oil Separator

When oil acts like sand during operations use the TrennMaster (SeparatingMaster) with UV-sterilization to remove extraneous oils.

Works wonders for coolants, machines and coworkers.

Extraneous oils hamper the beneficial effects of emulsions and solutions. Shorter machine lives and the spread of microorganisms are the consequences. Removing these extraneous oils from operating fluids is the first step toward proper operating hygiene and lower costs.

The MKR TrennMaster moves on to the next level. The integrated special UV flatbed reactors strikingly improve the appearance and odor of the processing media. Like our other equipment, the TrennMaster is mobile. The unit removes extraneous oils and eliminates microorganisms in a bypass procedure while your equipment keeps working in your production line.

We apply the coalescence principle to separate out extraneous oils. In the process, the rising light oil fraction of extraneous oils is skimmed from the surface using a floater. This fraction is then carefully transferred to an interim processing container. A special coalescence packet recovers dispersed oil droplets from the emulsion and returns them as clean and effective coolant back to your machine.


Application Range:

  • Coolant Regeneration
  • Suctioning off the Light Extraneous Oil Fraction
  • Cleaning and Regeneration of Individually Loaded Equipment
    (using an external bypass loop)


  • Reduction of Germs and Odor
  • Prolonged Useful Life and Good Appearance of the Emulsion
  • Bypass Cleaning Process without Machine Downtime
  • Less Need to Replenish the Emulsion (Concentrate)
  • Reduced Costs of Waste Disposal
  • Maintaining Optimal Work Place Cleanliness and Air Quality
  • Short Time to See a ROI