MKR vacuum band-pass filters are the ideal solution wherever consistent quality at low operating costs is of the essence. They are a winning concept because they are versatile and eliminate potentially disruptive factors on the spot. Vacuum band-pass filters are suitable for use with singular computerized numerical control systems (CNC systems) and bypass solutions for central equipment. In stand-alone applications the band-pass filtration technology can also be used to recycle the processing media of several production units.

It is second nature at MKR to avoid the output of hazardous waste. Therefore, the VC 200 and VC 400 operate exclusively using an endless belt. Neither of the devices requires a filter fleece. However, the operating efficiency of both models is based on the smart combination of a robust technology together with the low energy consumption. The dry filter cake is automatically brushed off and collected; the band-pass filter is then cleaned using high-pressure.

The MKR stationary vacuum band-pass filtration technique effectively eliminates solid particles (e.g. aluminum swarf, cast iron and grinding sludge) from water-miscible coolants and cutting oils.


Application Range:

  • Cooling lubricant filtration
  • Cutting oil cleaning
  • Individual solutions for machines with high coolant throughput
  • Individual solutions for several machining centres
  • Bypass filter plant as standalone solution for centralised systems


  • Environmentally Sound Endless Filters (No Hazardous Waste)
  • Integrated Sludge Desiccation as Standard Feature
  • Fully automatic removal of swarf and chips
  • Fully automatic belt return
  • Self-cleaning system requiring little maintenance
  • Cutting fluid containers in different sizes
  • Filter system suitable for all sizes of container