Evaporator PURO

Innovation in the rinsing bath care: World novelty PURO

The industry doesn’t discuss very long about the purchase of parts washing systems. But it is a open secret, that they are operated with polluted waste water.
The reason: The sole plant for the rinsing bath care mostly costs half as much as the parts washing system oneself. The consequence: If the rinsing bath of a industrial parts washing system isn’t cared for continuously, a constant quality of the washed products can’t be warranted.

Technical Data

Capacity 30 l/h
Energy requirement 100 Wh/l
Noise level 68 dB (A)
Length 1310 mm
Breadth 900 mm
Height 1810 mm
Weight 450 kg


  • The investment is considerably less than other evaporator
  • Process safety by constant demineralised water quality
  • Low operating costs by energetic coupling
  • Minimal maintenance effort, because of a few movable parts

Application Range

  • Parts cleaning
  • Consumable beam cleaning
  • Paint pre-treatment