Evaporator Technologies for the treatment of process water. Processing mediums would be separated via Evaporators into distillate (water) and concentrate.



  • Influent Temperature
  • Energy Consumption
  • Foam Breaker (chemical)
  • Downtime due to Machine Cleaning (effective plant availability)



Application Range of Evaporator ET:

  • Cooling lubricants
  • Die casting emulsion
  • Floor cleaning water
  • Washing and pre-treatment baths
  • Rinsing baths
  • Paint pre-treatment

Application Range of Evaporator RVD:

  • Salt baht – hardening industry
  • Highly-concentrated mediums

Application Range of Evaporator PURO:

Rinsing baths treatment of

  • parts cleaning plants
  • pre-treatment plants
  • CED (cathodic electrodeposition) plants