Drum Centrifuges

Procedure Drum Centrifuges:

The right choice of the centrifuge cleaning system depends mostly on the relative amount of solid particles in the processing fluid to be cleaned. Solid particle-collecting drum separators can be loaded with a maximum of 5 – 10 kg sludge. Once this limit is reached, the centrifuge must be cleaned manually. In case this cleaning interval does not suit your needs, MKR recommends using fully automated desludging systems.

The Two/Three Phase Drum Separator:
This device is used for continuous cleaning operations and removes the solid particles from emulsions with high solid particle content. The centrifugal force (g-force) ensures that the solid particles stay trapped in the sludge insert. We offer a choice of solid-collecting separators and fully automated sludge separators. The extraneous oil is removed in the third phase.

The Sludge Container:
The sludge container of the drum separator can hold up to 5 litres of nearly dry sludge. The container can be changed quickly and is easy to clean thanks to the snap closures.